The Untold Ones


Imagine a world where language doesn’t exist. How people communicate. The struggle. The sounds they make with their mouths that say nothing. The looks in their eyes that do not mean anything. The misunderstanding. The fight. How people say goodbye. How people tell stories. How they love. How they hate.

How they feel they have each other. How they don’t.

And look at our world now. Languages are something we’ve held since we were born. And yet.. these words are left unsaid.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to hurt you.”
“I love you. I always have, I will always do.”
“I can’t always be what you want, Dad. I’m not happy being what you want me to do.”
“I am not okay.”
“You never looked so beautiful as you do now.”
“I wrote dozen of poetry about your face, your smell, our kiss in a park, our bare feet on the beach, our stories, how I fell in love with you, how you never did.”
“Looking at you still hurts.”
“I can’t describe what I feel for you. But when you’re here, I don’t have time to prepare myself when you leave.”
“I miss you and I type your name everyday in Google.”
“I’m lost.”
“I’m lonely”.
“I still want you. I’d always keep my door unlocked and when you’re back and I act like I don’t care, hug me and tell me you forgive me and everything’s gonna be okay.”
“No, I am not that strong. Leave me alone with two bottles of wine cause I need hours to cry.”
“Thank you for being here.”
“Please go.”
“Please stay.”