What Your Most Favorite Gili Island Tells About You

Gili Air

Let’s face a fact that we are part of obnoxious society who LOVE stereotyping anything based on anything. If we could judge people based on where they are from, what they are wearing, what ice cream flavor they like, what sexual tendency they have and what theme song they choose during foreplay, there MUST be something your most favorite Gili island would tell about you. Of course it’s not always true, because, who is supposed to be the drama queen based on a stereotype today’s society has built? Women. And is it true? Geez, it’s sure not!

Octopuses eat themselves when they get stressed out. Now who’s the drama queen?

So yeah. Let’s play this game because we are that obnoxious!

For those who don’t know, whom, I feel very bad for, Gili is a name of Indonesian archipelago consists of three islands, located so close to Lombok island. Three of them are: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. They are very beautiful islands and pretty secluded touristic places with only horse carts (cidomo) as public transportation. No carts, no motorbike. Most offered water sports are including snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing. You will need to take a fast boat for about two hours from Padangbai, Bali, to get to the closest Gili, Gili Trawangan. Then to transfer to other Gilis, you will need either fast boat or slow boat for about 15 minutes each.

What do they say about you?

Gili Trawangan

Also known as Gili T, this island is the most visited one among other Gilis. Has the biggest bar and accommodation supply than the other two, it’s certainly the most developed one, and of course, most crowded one. This island is basically friendly for all type of budgets. For a budget travelers, the cheapest accommodation you’d get is around IDR 150K. While if you want something much fancier with jacuzzi, private pool and quieter atmosphere, IDR 1200K is what you’d need. Oh yes, there is a quieter part in this island, where you barely hear loud music going on from some crazy parties. It’s also in the best part of island, which has the best sunset view. Mushrooms and cocaine are very easy to get here (although they’re still illegal in Indonesia).

What are you if Gili T is your most favorite one?

You are a young, wild and free bird. If you’re not partying then you’re not living. Get some booze, dance under the moon after snorkeling and cycling the whole day, get stoned and talk to local bartenders about what life is. You most likely require a great deal of social life in order to achieve an emotionally stable soul, which has you developed an extrovert personality. You are a textbook extrovert. You are also not a complicated person, and do not like to be in a complicated situation. You are a happy person, quite bubbly and a risk taker. You get along with most type of people that makes you highly in tune with the feelings of others.

Gili Meno

Gili Meno is the most peaceful and quietest one among other two. Also the less developed one, with few choices of great deal restaurants or accommodations. It has the most expensive accommodations. What you can get for IDR 300K in Gili Air, would cost you IDR400K-450K in Gili Meno. It’s not bike friendly, as there’s almost no non-sandy area the whole island. But this is the smallest island and walking around it would not take more than 45 minutes. Beaches are very beautiful though. Really feel untouchable and secluded. Probably the best choice to bring kids.

Not enough to deduce what you are?

You are a family person. Not a very spontaneous and adventurous person, you prefer your life to be as simple as it can be. You are pretty straight in moral norm because you prefer staying safe than risking your life. You are a loving person. You always appreciate the simplest fine thing around you, like the enough numbers of bag of sugar on your table for one cup of coffee a waiter has served you. You get annoyed by crowded place. Doesn’t mean you hate parties because you are basically a sociable person. You need more mature kind of party where you could just sit and relax, and have a good, adult conversation with friends and family. You are devoted and attentive for what you believe and what you want. You always know what you want, set goals for it, and just go for it with minimum distractions along the way. You don’t usually change your mind. You are an opened book and not a complicated person in term of communication. Yes always means yes, no never means other than no.

Gili Air

Probably the most beautiful island among other two because you could get both nice beaches and relaxing view of green nature, which is a very refreshing scenery you can enjoy while cycling around the village. Restaurants are way better than what Gili Meno has. Basically it has enough facilities, not as much as in Gili Trawangan, but it’s kind of designed that way. You wouldn’t miss parties, but there won’t be that kind of crazy party goers like what’s in Gili Trawangan. Accommodations are in pretty fair cost, both for budget and luxury travelers.

What does it tell about you?

You are a sensitive person and often romanticising everything. If you are an extrovert, you are the more reflective one than the other extroverts. You need more time to be alone. You are the introverted extrovert. If you are an introvert, you are a walking fragile snowflake. A leaf that has just fallen from a tree would get you contemplating about your life. You are spontaneous and adventurous. You are down to earth and value the nature and the kindness in people. You don’t set goals because you know you are not easy to please even by your own achievement. Your friends probably see you as a complicated person. You are less likely involved in a shallow type of conversation. You are both a deep thinker and deep feeler.